Ms. Thomas' Mathematics Page

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Chapter 1 Intro  
Order of Operations
Chapter 1 Integers
Fractional Integers, Exponents, Radicals - Stop at example 15
Chapter 1/2 Variable Expressions
General Equations Part I
Chapter 2 General Equations Part II
Chapter 2 Translations of Expressions
I do not have videos on proportions.
Chapter 3 Graphing and Labeling Points
Slope between Two Points
Chapter 3
Graphing Lines
Equations of Lines -- Stop at example 11
Chapter 4 2x2 Systems
Chapter 5 Addition/Subtraction of Polynomials
Chapter 5 Multiplication of Polynomials
Chapter 5/6 Division of Polynomials
Factoring by GCF
Chapter 6 Factoring 2 Terms
Chapter 6 Solving quadratic equations through factoring