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Review of Factoring -- from DEVM 0940 or a previous MATH Intro
Factoring Part 1 -- Greatest Common Factor
Practice for Factoring out a GCF
Solutions for Factoring out a GCF
Review Special Factoring
Factoring Part 3 -- 3 Terms
Practice for Special Factoring
Practice for Factoring 3 Terms
Solutions for Special Factoring
Solutions for Factoring 3 Terms
Chapter 7 7.1 -- Multiplication and Division of Rationals
Practice for Multiplication/Division of Rationals
Solutions for Multiplications/Division of Rationals
Chapter 7 7.2 -- Addition and Subtractions of Rationals Practice for Addition/Subtraction of Rationals Practice for Addition/Subtraction of Rationals
Chapter 8 8.1 -- General Equations Part I
8.1 -- General Equations Part II
8.1 -- Linear Inequalities Part 1
8.2 -- Linear Inequalities Part 2
Practice for General Equations
Practice for Linear Inequalities
Solutions for General Equation Practice
Answers for Linear Inequalities
Chapter 8 8.3 -- Equations with Absolute Value
8.3 -- Inequalities with Absolute Value
Practice for Absolute Value
Practice for Inequalities with Absolute Value
Solutions for Absolute Value Problems
Solutions for Inequalities with Absolute Value
Chapter 8 8.4 -- 2x2 Systems of equations
8.5 -- Systems of Equations
Practice for Systems of Equations Solutions for Systems of Equations
Chapter 9 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 -- Radicals
Practice on Radicals
Solutions for Radicals
Chapter 9 9.4, 9.5 -- Operations with Radicals
Practice on Operations wtih Radicals
Solutions for Operations with Radicals
Chapter 9 9.6 -- Radical Equations
Practice with Radical Equations
Solutions for Radical Equations
Chapter 9 9.7 -- Complex numbers
Practice with Complex numbers
More Practice with Complex Numbers
Solutions for Complex numbers
Solutions for `More Practice with Complex Numbers
Chapter 10 10.3 -- Quadratic Formula
Practice with Quadratic Formula
Solutions with Quadratic Formula